Raising Your Concerns & Complaints

We welcome complaints and see them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide a better service to our beneficiaries. We take them seriously and want our beneficiaries to feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to and acted upon promptly, fairly and sensitively with due regard to the upset and worry that they can cause.

We know that:

Complaints Procedure

  1. We encourage our beneficiaries to take their concerns and complaints up with one of the club’s team. They are there to provide help and to find a solution, immediately if possible. We expect the club’s staff to be polite, courteous and sympathetic, and to remain calm and respectful at all times.
  2. If the staff cannot solve the problem immediately they will refer the matter to their manager.
  3. After talking the problem through, the manager will suggest a course of action to resolve the issue. If this course of action is acceptable, then the manager will confirm the outcome, usually via a confirming email.
  4. If the suggested plan of action is not acceptable, then please email us at contactus@friends-of-Fitness.com, providing a description of the complaint.
  5. When a complaint is received, we will send an acknowledgement within two working days.
  6. On receipt of the complaint we will launch an investigation. If necessary, we will ask for further details.
  7. We will send you a report of the investigation.
  8. The report will set out the nature of the complaint(s), the details and findings of the investigation and any recommendations.